Artificial intelligence, clinical research, medical device and life science.

Deepverge (formerly Integumen) is a vertically integrated business, collaborating technology platforms with partners in artificial intelligence, clinical research, water technologies, medical device and life science. These collaborators are building their own technology on top of the Labskin AI backbone. Labskin allows skin-care, health-care, pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetic companies to test their products on human-like skin in a real-world environment with full access to multiple state-of-the-art partner technologies.


Deepverge has a global presence with locations including Delaware, York, Cork, Warsaw, Tokyo, Shanghai and Florida.


Gerard Brandon
Gerard Brandon CEO
CEO of Cellulac. Founder and CEO of Alltracel Pharmaceuticals and Managing Partner at Farmabrand PE, Fellow of the Ryan Academy of Entrepreneurs
Camillus Glover
Camillus GloverCFO
Former Operations Director at Campbell Bewley Group before becoming Chief of Operations at Alltracel Pharmaceuticals Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
Fionan Murray
Fionan MurrayCOO
Founder of Rinocloud. Senior Executive in high growth software (SaaS) systems for Financial and Government Services, Global Biotech and Domestic Energy & Water Utilities


Paul Ryan
Paul RyanChief Business Development Officer
Former head of new business development at 8 West Consulting (clients including Estee Lauder, Avon, Anthem Inc.), experienced VP of international sales with partners such as Accenture, Siemens, SAP, Dell and Sony.
 Linian LI
Linian LIVice President China Business
An executive with more than ten years of management experience in sales, marketing,
business development, project management, corporate strategy and general management in international companies,
Doug Workman
Doug WorkmanVice President of Business Development
Former President of Modern Water Monitoring. A senior executive with extensive experience scaling global companies in the filtration and water industries.


Colin O'Sullivan
Colin O'Sullivan CIO
Former Group Information Officer at the Australian Medical Association. Cross-platform software expertise in medical and science applications across enterprise, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and IT operations.
James O'Sullivan
James O'SullivanCTO
James is an open-source developer and distributed systems advocate with a keen interest in engagement/collaboration platforms. A specialist in open-source technologies and advanced software architecture.


Alex Chapman
Alex ChapmanChief Engineer
Alex trained as a Chemist specialising in GC & LC-MS. He joined Labskin in 2017 and is now Head of Science & Engineering. He is responsible for rapid scaling of products and services offerings.
Dr. David Caballero-Lima
Dr. David Caballero-LimaChief Scientist
PhD in Biomedical Sciences. More that 15 years of experience studying human pathogens and host/microbe interaction using ex vivo and in vitro models with a broad range of molecular techniques.
Dr. Nicola Kingswell
Dr. Nicola KingswellChief Scientist
Having worked for 3 of the world’s biggest Contract Research Organisations, Nicola has a strong background in science, quality and customer service delivery. Nicola has a PhD from the University of Leeds.


Fiona Joyce
Fiona JoyceGeneral Counsel
Fiona is a highly experienced corporate and commercial lawyer. She previously spent twenty years as Legal Counsel and Company Secretary for IBM in Ireland. Fiona’s experience is diverse both from a transactional and regulatory perspective.

‘Our digital and physical team members, across all subsidiaries, continue to deliver consistent reliable revenue growth as we scale-up our new digital platform.’

Gerry Brandon, CEO Deepverge


An invisible eco-system that lives on the skin and works to help keep it healthy and in good condition.


Lab-grown, human skin, for testing cosmetic and pharma products for dandruff, acne, fungal and bacterial infection.


Labskin Certification of products, and training of Lab technicians. Virtual Lab services for cosmetic, skincare and pharma companies.


Skincare products derived from 5 natural super-ingredient plant extracts for men to reduce the signs of aging.


Visual diagnostic wound dressing that changes colour to indicate infection or improvement of the wound under the dressing.


The development of analytical instruments and technology for monitoring toxicity in water, soil, food and industry.


Monitor toxicity, metals and environmental contaminants in water, soil, food and industrial process streams.


The AMBC (‘All Membrane Brine Concentrator’) is a proven technology for brine concentration.


A range of high specification, cost effective, packaged RO systems for seawater and brackish water desalination.


Bioluminescent bacteria to perform biosensor testing that detects the presence of toxic substances.


The design and fabrication of smart materials for studying, directing and mimicking biology.


Major health benefits, an alternative production to extraction from declining global fish stocks.


Solution to dumping 8 million tonnes of waste plastic in the oceans each year. Alternative biodegradable plastic solution.


Low-cost, solvent-free, commercial scale production of Omega-3 oils from micro-algae and CBD oils from hemp.


Commercial License Partners of the Algzym Technology platform for bio-based oils, Omega 3, CBD and bio-plastic ingredients.


Omega 3, and CBD oils for medical and cosmetic industries. Animal-Cruelty-Free product and ingredient testing for skin-care, pharma, health and wound care products. A vertically integrated laboratory to market platform with lab-grown 3D human skin and Artificial Intelligence.

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