Expansion of sales and science team

Integumen announces the launch of ecowaterOS (“Ecological Water Operating System”), a green-tech data management eco-system that monitors and analyses water for bacteria contamination using artificial intelligence. ecowaterOS will provide a broad range of clients from water utilities to consumers with alerts as to the contamination of water supplies in real-time and the provision of services from a con-sortium of water decontamination solution providers.

ecowaterOS initial consortium members include:

  • Rinocloud AI
  • Acumen Software
  • Nimbus Research Centre
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • Cellulac plcModern Water plc
  • tcBB Resource Centre

Promotions and new hires:

Fionan (Fin) Murray becomes Chief Operations Officer, effective immediately and Paul Ryan is promoted to Chief Sales Officer across all divisions of Integumen as the demand for Integumen’s services and subse-quent growth requires further expansion of sales and scientific teams to cover multi-national clients on four continents.

Gerard Brandon CEO Integumen plc, Cellulac plc and ecowaterOS member commented:

The consortium brings together multiple partners with a combined 32 years of tried and tested engineering skillsets added to smart AI cloud-based data analytic technologies and best-in-class engineering at commer-cial scale across the brewing, biofuel, chemical and wastewater industries. With raising awareness of the direct impact of climate change across the world on systems vital to our wellbeing, ecowaterOS is a global game-changer for water monitoring, recovery, treatment and recycling.

Simon Humphrey, CEO of Modern Water commented:

We are delighted to be able to provide the knowledge and expertise of our water monitoring services and supplies along with decontamination systems to the ecowaterOS multi-continental consortium. This unique platform of integrated water management systems, from contamination detection to decontamination is a world-first end-to-end hi-tech solution to community, regional and continental-wide water shortages.

About EcoSystemOS (www.ecosystemOS.com)

Developed by the Rinocloud division of Integumen plc, this is a consortium of partners operating a live dynamic water management system that delivers safe clear water from rivers to wastewater treatment plants using Artificial Intelligence to provide instant alerts from remote sensors direct to stakeholders. It continuously evolves, learns and improves by bringing together multiple existing and smart technologies to create efficient water and deliver environmental protection. Over-the-air monitoring keeps stakeholders constantly up to date with web and mobile alert applications adapted for each group.

About Integumen

Integumen is a vertically integrated physical and cloud-based company focused on commercialising AI test services for good and bad bacteria in skincare, healthcare and water.

Labskin is a test platform that scientifically proves the impact of skincare product claims for healthcare, life sciences, clinical research, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Rinodrive is a data aggregation, refining and AI analysis open-source eco-system designed to provide third-party service providers the ability to offer clients valuable insights to support clinical, operational and financial decisions in healthcare services, third-level education, government departments and the financial sector.

ecowaterOS, or, Ecological Water Operating System, is a Greentech data management eco-system that monitors and analyses water for contamination using artificial intelligence, providing stakeholders, from water utilities to consumers, alerts to contamination of water supplies in real-time.

About Modern Water

Modern Water was established in 2006 to develop and commercialise water recovery technologies to counter water crisis problems arising from climate change and a growing global population. Having invested £20m over the last 14 years, the results comprise of a robust patent portfolio in cutting-edge technology, focussed on monitoring of contaminated water and decontamination of wastewater, making recycling of water more efficient. Six countries across the world have legislated that Modern Water monitoring test systems are written into their environmental protection legislation.

About Cellulac plc

Cellulac is a group of companies with operations in Ireland and headquarters in the United Kingdom. Activities range from the production of natural oils and biodegradable plastic ingredients. The production division capabilities include process engineering, chemical engineering, biochemistry and polymer science. Cellulac has been privately funded since 2012 from laboratory to the commercial scale production of Omega 3 at a third-party facility in the UK.

About the Acumen Software (Pty) Ltd :

Established in South Africa 2006 Acumen Software is a field service solution used to optimise workforce and asset management by empowering organisations with a user-friendly mobile software solution.

Acumen are present in South Africa and in Europe in the Republic of Ireland (through sister company Forcelink™ Solutions Limited), and represented throughout the world through strategic partners, these include Asia, North and South America, and Australasia.


The Nimbus is Ireland’s leading research centre in cyber-physical systems & internet of things, undertaking research, innovation and development of technologies that address the real needs of industry, people and society. Dedicated to providing economic value to industry and sustainable solutions to societal problems with a mission to remain at the forefront of innovation in order to create and maintain an ecosystem of information and technology that will enrich society and transform industry.

About Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology’s (CIT) Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (Cappa Group) team consisting of scientists with specialist spectroscopy qualifications covering various different projects ranging from fundamental research to applied industrial projects involving spectroscopic applications.

About tcbb RESOURCEIrish Research Centre for Resource Efficiency CLG – www.tcbbresource.ie

tcbb RESOURCE is an Irish Government supported not-for-profit, test-bed for bio-based innovation – scale-up, demonstration and pilot technology for resource recovery and renewable gas and collaborates with higher-education research groups, enterprises and state agencies in publicly-funded programmes to support industry in the transition towards a low-carbon economy.