Integumen’s subsidiary Rinocloud today announces that it has entered into a commercial and AI development partnership with Acumen Software (Pty) Ltd of South Africa. The cooperative alliance has been established to create a combined offering of Acumen’s integrated mobile asset and management software platform with RinoDrive’s data analytics, data refining capabilities and RAWTestTM AI real-time water monitoring service. This new offering will be rolled-out to their respective strategic business partners that extend across Asia, North and South America, and Australasia. Management expects a material contribution on revenue from this partnership this year.

Gerard Brandon, CEO of Integumen, comments:

“We are delighted to have entered into this commercial and RAWTestTM AI development partnership with Acumen who have a sales, marketing and distribution channel directly into government municipal and utility enterprises established over the last 12 years on four continents. This keeps with our global growth strategy of collaborating with complementary products and services into top local and international channel partners with a strong sales track record.”

Joao Zoio, President of Acumen Software, added:

“This is a very exciting commercial and service development opportunity. The immediate capability to future proof our software platform with Rinocloud’s marketing and financial data analytics and the ability to integrate real-time RAWTestTM water monitoring AI system into our mobile asset and management software for our existing wastewater utility and industrial production clients across four continents.”

Water use in industry:

Industry is one of the main water users in Europe, accounting for about 40% of total water abstractions. Water is used in the production process (e.g. for cooling purposes, for cleaning/washing as well as for employees’ use) and is either provided by a public supplier or self-supplied. Furthermore, the industrial sector is a major water polluter, as only up to 60 % (value based on data from eight countries) of industrial wastewater receives treatment before being disposed of into the environment.1



About Integumen:
Integumen is a vertically integrated product and services company for skin related diseases, treatments and therapies with four business units:

  • Labskin AI’s technology platform incorporates artificial intelligence within clinical research for medical device, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and related life science test services. Labskin allows skincare, healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetic companies to test their products on human-like skin in a real-world environment with full access to multiple state-of-the-art partner technologies.
  • Rinodrive is a data aggregation, refining and AI analysis open-source eco-system designed to provide third-party service providers the ability to offer their clients valuable insights that support clinical, operational and financial decisions in healthcare services, third-level education, government departments and the financial sector.
  • Wound pHase is developing skin and wound care products using its proprietary wound dressing technology. Working in collaboration with CBD providers creating a CBD infused diabetic wound care product range.
  • Stoer-for-men skin products e-commerce division offers a range of skincare products derived from 5 natural super-ingredient plant extracts specifically for men to reduce the signs of ageing and is also used as a control for client testing within Labskin laboratories.

About the Acumen Software (Pty) Ltd : (

Established in South Africa 2006 Acumen Software is a field service solution used to optimise workforce and asset management by empowering organisations with a user-friendly mobile software solution.

Acumen are present in South Africa and in Europe in the Republic of Ireland (through sister company Forcelink™ Solutions Limited), and represented throughout the world through strategic partners, these include Asia, North and South America, and Australasia.