2022 is the year that we return to conferences in-person. While the space for online webinars will remain important in the industry, there is no comparison to meeting like-minded academics and professionals in a space specifically designed for collaboration and education.

The beginning of 2022 in particular is very busy for both the Labskin & Skin Trust Club teams. This is an indicator of how rapidly Labskin and Skin Trust Club have expanded in the previous 24 months!


Future Beauty Dublin

Earlier this month, the team took part in Future Beauty in Dublin. The 2 day event was an immersive event and beauty show, focused on providing information on the latest in cosmetics trends.

Our Head of R&D, Dr David Caballero-Lima was one of the panel experts alongside leading Irish Dermatologists discussing “Decoding your skin type and the best anti-aging regimes and treatments for each type”.

Group Marketing Officer, Niamh O’Kennedy and Tracey Ryan, Scientific Skincare Advisor presented our pioneering science-based skincare service Skin Trust Club whilst demonstrating our easy-to-use microbiome skin swab test on stage.

Read more about this event on the Skin Trust Club website here.


9th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum USA, San Diego

Labskin are proud to be Gold Sponsors for the 9th Microbiome R&D event being held in San Diego, California on 29th-30th March. Eric Clarke, Head of Sales will lead a presentation called “Decoding the Skin Microbiome”. Eric will be joined by Nicola Meldrum, Marketing Manager.

Full Agenda can be downloaded here.


Skin Microbiome Industry Summit, London

A second team from Labskin will concurrently attend the Skin Microbiome Industry Summit in London on 30th and 31st March. Dr Eile Butler, Senior Technical Research Manager and Dr Aoife McHugh, Senior Scientist will host a Labskin session discussing the Future of Skin Health and present microbiome insights to the attendees who have been patiently waiting for this conference to return since 2020! Labskin is delighted to be a sponsor of this event.

Full Agenda can be downloaded here.


Personalized Beauty Summit 2022, USA

While Labskin attend the San Diego and London Events, the Skin Trust Club team travel to San Francisco as Headline Testing Partners for the Personalized Beauty Summit 2022. Dr David Caballero-Lima, Head of R&D will host a Fireside Panel Discussion with our invited guests discussing “The role of the microbiome in personalized skincare’.

The team will also present an overview of Skin Trust Club to the American audience whilst revealing some interesting insights gleaned from our microbiome database. The presentation will be led by Dr. David Caballero-Lima, Colin O’Sullivan, CIO and Niamh O’Kennedy, Group Marketing Officer. The event runs from 30th-31st March.

Full Agenda can be downloaded here.


in-cosmetics global, Paris

Both the Labskin and Skin Trust Club teams will attend the in-cosmetics Trade Show in Paris, France from 5th-7th April. The event has been postponed a number of times over the last two years and the Skin Trust Club team are very excited to be hosting a booth in the Innovation Zone in 2022 where new products and services are showcased.

For the first time, the Labskin team will bring Labskin from our lab in York to showcase at a trade show. This will be on display at the Sensory Bar hosted by one of our science team to answer any queries.

We will also have Labskin branded booth where the team will be on hand to meet people and answer any questions about Labskin and Skin Trust Club. Our team includes Eric Clarke, Head of Sales, Tracy Ryan, Scientific Skincare Advisor, Chis Kaprelian, Senior Business Development Manager, Nicola Meldrum, Marketing Manager and Matteo Capoccefalo, Services Manager.

Tickets are available for the show here.



Another long-delayed in-person trade show is to be hosted in Bologna, Italy this Spring is Cosmoprof! The Skin Trust Club team will host a booth in the UK Pavilion at the largest cosmetics trade show in Europe.

The team is looking forward to connecting with partners and clients who attend this event annually. We plan to present what Skin Trust Club is all about whilst demonstrating the easy to use microbiome skin test at the event.

The team attending include Niamh O’Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer, Tracey Ryan Scientific Skincare Advisor, Chris Kaprelian, Senior Business Development Manager and Dr. David Caballero-Lima, Head of R&D and Eile Butler, Senior Technical Research Manager.

Tickets are available to purchase here.


10th Microbiome R&D Forum, The Hague

Our final conference for the first half of the year is the 10th Microbiome R&D Forum in The Hague, The Netherlands, May 24th-25th. The Labskin team is delighted to be a Gold Sponsor of this event. Representatives from Labskin’s Sales and R&D divisions Chris Kaprelian, Senior Business Development Manager and Dr. Eile Butler, Senior Technical Research Manager will host a presentation during the event and are very much looking forward to participating in-person again in discussions and panels.

Full Agenda available here.

If you would like to meet with any of the Labskin or Skin Trust Club representatives at any of these events, please email us at info@labskin.co.uk or marketing@skintrustclub.com