Labskin-On-A-Chip to monitor real-time skin related diseases and Labskin-AI data analysis to predict the best course of treatment

Integumen is pleased to announce a cross-platform biophysics agreement with AI developer, Rinocloud Limited, in association with Cork Institute of Technology’s Nimbus embedded systems research institute and its Cappa Photonics Laboratory to develop Labskin-On-A-Chip (“LOAC”) technology.

Labskin-On-A-Chip (LOAC)

Pioneering animal free, clinical research skin-treatment test platform by exploiting Photonics. Labskin is grown on a microchip where light is generated, detected and manipulated, using the cutting-edge use of lasers and fibre-optics on an electro-optical device.

Labskin is already a valuable tool for our pharma and skin care clients:

  • Laboratory grown human skin used for testing of skin products and treatments,
  • Can be populated with harmful viruses,
  • Tested using natural skin conditions with good and bad bacteria from patients.

LOAC real-time and hands-free can monitor: 

  • Bacteria and virus growth or decline on Labskin – human skin,
  • Balance of good and bad bacteria during skin treatments,
  • The impact on the skin’s microflora of skin care products and treatments.

RinoLab AI Software:

Combined with the RinoLab/Labskin AI software tools, analysis of the data via Labskin AI client portal can be fed into pharmacodynamic in-silico (pharmaco-dynamic/pharmaco-kinetic) models and used in the pharmaceutical clinical research sector. For clinical research the long-term data accumulated will provide clinical data for new products and skin treatments.

World first in skin treatment clinical research.

Labskin-on-a-Chip as a pre-clinical and post-clinical platform is a major step up for all skin related disease treatments. The completion of the project over the next 12 months is expected to provide every dermatology clinic with a desktop ability to take a swab of the patient’s own bacteria, place it on the Labskin and provide the best course of treatment.

Fin Murray CEO of Rinocloud commented:

This is an exciting cross platform development in artificial intelligence at Rinolab and Rinocloud. Our collaboration with Labskin for the AI platform and our work with educational institutions who use Rinocloud has opened up a major opportunity that is set to transform the lives of 3% of the population who suffer daily from skin diseases.”

Gerard Brandon CEO of Integumen commented:

Right time, right place, right people, right technology and the right thing to do. In the short time we have been working with the team at Rinocloud we have identified many synergies that bringing together biology, physics, software and most importantly a can-do attitude. I look forward to working closely with the team to rolling this out in late 2019.”

Collaboration partners

Labskin (Innovenn Ltd – Integumen plc)

Laboratory grown human skin testing services. Specifically developed to host harmful bacteria on simulated human skin. It is the best testing platform for antimicrobial products, such as anti-dandruff shampoos and anti-acne creams, anti-aging, anti-fungal, UV sun exposure, toxic shock, and drug delivery through the skin, which cannot currently be carried out in vivo (animal models) due to ethical constraints of testing harmful bacteria.

RinoLab (RinoCloud Ltd)

Rinolab is a set of software tools that ingests data from any source, in any format, interacts with it, learns from it and enrichs it to unlock insights and discoveries. RinoLab is developed by Rinocloud Ltd, a company focused on delivering big data type functionality, AI functionality and world class data management infrastructure.